Mini Simmons “Zinger” NEW!



Mini Simmons Zinger by Joe Baugeess

Mini Simmons Zinger by Joe Bauguess


The Mini-Simmons *Zinger is the latest addition to the Joe B. Surf Shapes lineup. As some of you may know, the “Zinger” is a 4 fin “Bonzer” that was developed by Mike Eaton in the 1970’s. I shaped many Zingers in several different surfboard designs while shaping for him over a 10 year period.  All of the customers who rode them had only positive reviews and said they worked better than any other board they had owned. I was so impressed by this that I shaped one for myself. It was a 9’0″ Noserider. It worked so well that I still have it after 9 years!  

The tail of the board is where the Zinger’s ‘magic’ lies. The configuration is two, deep, funnel-shaped concaves with long -based, shallow-depth side fins and two short, 6″ fin boxes with 5 3/8″  narrow-based fins, offset to the inside of the side fins, on the outside edges of the concaves. Hard to explain but easy to ride. The photos make it easier to understand.

Since this tail shape works for so many different surfboard designs, I decided to try it on one of my Mini-Simmons boards. I shaped the first one at Eaton’s shop in 2007 at Mike’s suggestion. He let an unscrupulous person take it out to try it who said “it went really well’, then never returned it. So I still wondered if it really had any validity. By good luck, I ‘inherited’ Mike Eaton’s Team Rider, Quint Macklin, and finally got around to shaping one for him last year (2013). He is a great ‘test pilot’ and he fell in love with it! He said it felt very crisp and responsive and adds a new dimension to the overall Mini-Simmons experience!



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