What our clients are saying about Joebsurfshapes:
2/26/2010 RYAN ITO wrote: “I scored the best wave of my life on your mini-simmons a few weeks back at Topanga Point out here in LA. The wave was about a foot over head, I dropped in behind the peak, got completely covered up for about 5-10 seconds, shot out and made three or four cut backs all the way down to PCH…IT WAS AMAZING. When I paddled back out everyone in the water was asking about the board. Thanks Joe!”

1/26/2010 DYLAN SUTTON wrote : “Last year I surfed Hulton’s and Laniakea while we were there so I knew that would be my best bet to try the Simster for the first time on the NS. Surprisingly it wasn’t really crowded-probably because it was during the week. All 3 sessions were at Lani’s. I honestly have your boards so dialed in by now that I didn’t even ride the thruster at all. I know exactly what to expect and ride em with so much confidence, that there was no hesitation to ride the Simster in 8-10ft. Lani’s”

1/06/2010 DYLAN SUTTON wrote (about his 5’6″ Mini-Sim Asymmetrical): I thinkbecause I knew the heelside rail was shorter and had 2 fins I tried to force the turn before the board was in the right place. So on the next few rights I made sure to wait until I was at the bottom of the wave, looked up to see where I wanted to go, leaned over and with ease I got to the spot, and hit it with a ton of spray. Just as easy as I thought it would be!

1/07/2010 PETE ROBSON wrote:I’ve been surfing the 6′ 3″ asymmetrical quite a bit, it goes off the bottom and down the line really nice. Going left is a non issue, if I didn’t know that the angels were set to go right I never would know. Here are my testimonials on the 3 boards I have:
5’6 Goofyfoot Asymmetrical:
This board has a shorter rail and 2 fins on my heels which makes backside turns snappier and tighter yet still flies over flat sections with ease. Full backside cutbacks are done in one quick motion instead of having to make a few smaller turns to get it all the way around. Going frontside I have the singIe glassed on keel with a longer rail. Pumping down the line I get the magic slide that these boards have stored in them easily hitting the lip with tons of speed.

5’4 Mini Simmons:
This is THE ONE to get if you want to experience the Joe’s magic. The planing hull that started it all! Displacement bottom, scooped nose, parallel rails and the wide tail block all amount to riding waves in an entirely different way. So much easier to catch waves, so much easier to get crazy amounts of speed.

5’2 Simster: This is the board I go to when the waves get a bit bigger. It has more of a thruster feel to it with 3 fins and the narrower tail. The added fin holds better on bigger drops and bottom turns. It also holds your speed after turns so you aren’t playing “catch up” trying to maintain momentum. the speed is almost effortless. It is thinner making it easier to sink the rail and cut through the face of the wave helping draw lines that other boards can’t make.