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Joe created the first Mini-Simmons, and is master craftsman that has been refining the shape ever since. There are subtle refinements in his shapes that you won’t find anywhere else. It all comes together to make an extremely versatile and fun board, that works in well in all types of surf.  From knee-high to overhead, Joe’s Mini-Simmons will find its way into permanent rotation in your quiver.

There are multiple versions of the Mini-Simmons by Joe Bauguess.  Joe can customize your board for any size and ability level. Typical sizes range from 5’0 x 21″ to 6’0 x 23″.


Classic Dual Keel Mini-Simmons

Inspired by the original Bob Simmons longboards, this board has double-foil marine ply twin fins. Expect incredible speed and drive, with easy carves of characteristic of twin fins. Best ridden short and wide.





Quad Fin Mini-Simmons2015-08-16 17.41.22

The same shape as the dual keel, with glass-on quad fins. Expect similar speed and drive, and more bite to the turns. Works great in more hollow surf and beach break conditions.





Simster Tri-Fin

All of the positive characteristics of the dual keel version, with the back-foot power turns of a thruster fin setup. Joe cuts out width from the tail to help the center fin engage. If you like surfing thrusters, you will love surfing the Simster.



IB Sunset, 'Tranny' + Finz 044 The Transformer

If you can’t decide on quad vs. thruster, the Transformer has you covered. It comes with seven custom hand-foiled fiberglass fins. One quad set, and one thruster set, each optimized in size, shape and foil. A perfect travel board that can literally surf anything.



 The Zinger

More speed, harder turns, better flow. A unique fin setup and bottom contour that puts an afterburner underneath your back foot.  You have to try one.