These are some of the various boards Joe Bauguess can make for you. Joe Shapes foam and balsa wood, so no matter why type of board you want, Joe is the guy to do it.

Original 9 ‘ 0″ Simmons Balsa wood Board restored by Joe Bauguess in 2001


Simster-Tri   w/Ice-blue resin tint; cut-lap lamination


Simster-Tri w/ Translucent blue, cut-lap lamination

Mini-Simmons Dual Keel-fin w/ Semi-Opaque orange color, cut-lap lamination

6′ 6″ Clear Mini-Simmons 7′ 0″ Sim-Bau *Hybrid (Simmons-Bauguess) w/Ice blue resin tint and yellow colored foam and black glue.

8′ 0″ Sim-Bau *Hybrid w/Blue and hot pink colored foam core and clear glass job

Falsa Simmons, Faux Balsa Wood Simmons Reproductions

Sim*Star Transformer